Founded in 1965 by Di Monaco family, Mida is a well-known reality, situated in Cabiate in the heart of Brianza, an area where the whole history of the Italian furniture has its roots.
Mida products are an expression of the traditional crafting skill, typical of this location. 

Mida's collections are inspired by a continuous search for excellence and uniqueness. Their creations are objects that guarantee great reliability and durability as they are realised with selected hand carved woods combined to chiselled bronzes and elegant fabrics. Mida also boasts the possibility of making custom made products that follow any special measure or requirement that the customer may have.

Whit the maximum quality as their objective, Mida is a name recognized in the whole world. Along with highly specialized personnel, Mida has always decided to invest time and resources in the search for the most refined classical forms while also experimenting in avant-garde technologies.

These are some examples of Mida's production methods and articles, click to enlarge.
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