Sicam 2017


Sicam 2017 is about to start!
We will be in Pordenone from the 10th to the 13th of October, which means you will be able to find us during the entire exhibition.
Many of our suppliers will also be there.
Don't miss this chance to meet them all in the same place.

Feel free to print this newsletter and use it as a guide during the exhibition!


Salice Paolo - Timeless 2017


Timeless is the new collection by Salice Paolo
It features brand new handles along with matching pull handles, hinges, door stoppers and furniture handles. Click on the cover to download the full catalogue.

Three brand new finishes.
Champagne Gold Plated finish is offered in both polished and satin versions.
Also, the long-awaited Scratched Bronze finish is finally here!

Four new models: Tudor, York, Borromeo and Borbone.

The new collections include many accessories like hinges, door stoppers, furniture knobs and handles. You can see the complete Tudor range here.
Furthermore, many matching acccessories have been added to complete already existing collections like Fresia, Deco, Cassia and more!