Atim - New Catalogue


Atim presented the New Tranformables 2015 Catalogue, which features two brand new products: Evolution and Sandwich, along with a new version of the classic Breakfast model: Breakfast Top. Click here to download it.



This new transformable allows you to hide a table of up to 1500 mm inside a cabinet.
It comes with the wheeled bridge leg pictured on the right.
Evolution is extractable with ease and there is no need to lower the legs. This type of product is ideal for offices, dormitories, hospitals, hotels and serviced residences.



This system allows to extract an added top and optimize spaces in a variety of different settings. Moreover, it automatically aligns with the main top.
This type of solution is ideal for the young urban professional, which needs a surface which is viable both for their business and private life.




This new article allows an electrified movement of the kitchen top, which slides discovering stove and sink. This system has suited the needs of many high-end kitchen designers by combining a practical approach to an estremely pleasant aestethic.

The Italian kitchen manufacturer Binova chose this mechanism for some of his lines.