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Atim exhibited 7 new models that will be officially introduced in their range very soon:
Dinamico, Lunch Reverse, Prua Swing, Shot, Snack Top, Basket and Tetris.

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Gàsno is the new opening mechanism for flap doors by Effegibrevetti. It is completely mechanical and gas-free, as the name suggests. The opening angle is adjustable from 75° to 90°.
It reduces the dynamic impact on hinges and allows for both soft opening and soft closing.
Gàsno is realized in technopolymer and is avaialable in many different colors.



Ceam is developing a wide range of new products such as a concealed 3D hinge with a soft closing system for furniture application. Stay tuned, we will send you further information in the near future!



Meroni introduced two new hydraulic door closers: FS880 and FS980, respectively for glass and wooden doors. They also introduced and a new line of handles and pull handles: Romeo and Juliet. 

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How many times do you notice the chairs wheels in offices or in public places? Almost never. 
How many times do you get caught in the carpet with wheelchair chairs? Almost always. 
Two simple questions that encompass the essence of Wheely, the latest creation of OgTM home, born from collaboration with Giuseppe Bavuso, an architect known for his creations by names such as Ernesto Meda, Rimadesio and Poliform. The result is a wheel that first strikes for its unique, highly recognizable design with futuristic and enveloping lines, yet combining its aesthetic beauty with innovative technical features. We have previewed the Wheely line at SICAM just completed, in the picture you can appreciate the first prototypes made. Stay tuned for the official launch of the line, and for the beginning of production for all our customers!